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CALA, Comic Arts Los Angeles, CA, Dec 5 - 6, 2015

Special Guest at CAKE, Chicago Alternative Comics Expo, IL, Jun 11 - 12, 2016

GORGEOUS, coming from Koyama Press Spring 2016!

ISBN: 978-1-927668-27-6
6.5 x 9, 64 pages, b&w, trade paper
May 2016

Ideologies and cars collide when a minor accident brings a pair of punks and a college student tumultuously together.

Sophie has tried to stay out of trouble, but tonight trouble has found her. On a lonely stretch of highway under a star-studded sky, she meets anarchist punks in a crack-up of metal and emotion that proves sometimes the freedom of youth causes damage along the way.

You can read kind words about Gorgeous and the other upcoming Koyama Press books on Comics & Cola!

NO DOGS ALLOWED, coming from First Second 2017!

Concept art by Cathy G. Johnson, digital colors by Kevin Czapiewski

Very proud to finally be able to announce my upcoming middle-grade graphic novel, NO DOGS ALLOWED, which will be published by First Second in 2017!

NO DOGS ALLOWED is the story of a remedial girls soccer team that brings misfit kids together to form an unlikely bond. The story centers on the way friendships grow and change when kids grow and change. Soccer isn’t about the game, it’s about the team. This graphic novel for middle-grade readers is a sports comic as well as a positive exploration of the trials and joys of female friendship and family.

I’m really excited about this book, can you tell me about what inspired it?
The inspiration to create NO DOGS ALLOWED came from my students. I had recently moved to Rhode Island and had a job as a Girl Scouts Troop Leader at a variety of schools and community centers around the state. I got to know over 100 girls at that job, and I became overwhelmed with the need to create something for them. Girls are so amazing and passionate! I got to learn their loves, their concerns, their fears, important aspects of their lives… and I wanted to create a book that reflected that. I wanted to make a book for them.

Read the announcement and my complete interview on Autostraddle here!

Jeremiah, New Edition

One Percent Press is releasing a beautiful new edition of Jeremiah! It is debuting at SPX 2015, and will be available for purchase online September 2015! Link here.

Lovers Only #1

Lovers Only #1 cover by Sophia Foster-Dimino

I've contributed a 9-page comic to this wonderful book from Youth In Decline, in collaboration with Mickey Z and Sophia Foster-Dimino. You can order it here!

Ley Lines

I'm excited to be part of Czap Books and Grindstone's joint publication series, Ley Lines. My book, Thank God, I Am In Love, is about my relationship to Vincent van Gogh's work. It'll be released in May 2015 at the Toronto Comic Arts Festival. I'll be seated at the Czap Books table. You can order my book here, or you can order a full 2015 subscription here.

My name is Cathy G. Johnson. I'm an artist in Providence, Rhode Island. I make comics, drawings, prints and books about confrontation and sincerity. I draw inspiration from my life and my community, as well as philosophy and critical theory. I was awarded the 2014 Ignatz Award for Promising New Talent. My first graphic novel, Jeremiah, debuted in 2013. It can be found here.

My work can be found at my online store, One Percent Press, Czap Books, Ley Lines, Youth in Decline, and Silver Sprocket.

In addition to my artwork, I am also a teacher at various afterschool art and theatre programs throughout Rhode Island. I am also a founder and organizer of the Rhode Island Independent Publishing Expo. RIPExpo was awarded a project grant from the Rhode Island State Council for the Arts in 2015.

Click here for my complete CV.

There’s a truly conversational tone to Cathy G. Johnson’s dialogue, which, when combined with her raw and expressionistic art, creates an immersive sense of being “there” with her characters. Johnson’s loyalty to activist punk scenes clearly informs her subjects, which are so often pitch-perfect representations of young people making sense of living in a system that doesn’t value them. Her stories wrap around central ambiguities, the elusiveness and power of human connection, and the sometimes frightening lengths we’re willing to go to find them. Bold and messy pencils and paint fill her compositions with an infectious energy that drives further reflection on the questions her stories raise long after you’ve put the book down. - Kimball Anderson and Laurel Lynn Leake, Inaction Comics

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