Mr. Gormanizer and Mr. Osterizer are both doing very well, their influences never cross, and they never meddle in one another's business.
by Ross Hernandez and Cathy G. Johnson

32 pages, 8" by 5.5" pamphlet, handbound with screenprinted cover and four different paper types. Includes 14" by 27" centerfold screenprint, Melt 2012

This special edition art + literary book contains a collection of stories by Ross and drawings by Cathy.
Ross' stories are darkly humorous, depicting a cross-section of everyday life with poignant moments shining through.

Cathy's soft pencil drawings neither illustrate nor illuminate Ross' stories, instead adding a cultural context. "Culture" being the basement shows and cold sweat that Minneapolis seems to do so well. The drawing series is titled See Pasture and is viewable here.

The book also contains the screenprinted centerfold Melt 2012, bound and folded in twelve parts. The screenprint is viewable here.

Available for purchase.

Cathy G. Johnson, 2012,